Bruce Schonfeld,
Certified Advanced Rolfer

Bruce Schonfeld, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Bruce Schonfeld received his BA in English from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1989. While there, he was fortunate to study critical analysis with George A. Panichas Ph.D.

In 1993, Bruce was Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. In 1994, he completed a combined studies program at the Rolf Institute Of Structural Integration in Boulder Colorado and became a Certified Rolfer and Rolfing Movement Teacher. An avid student, Bruce has studied Rolfing in depth with two of Ida P. Rolf Ph.D.'s principal teachers, Jan Sultan and Michael Salveson. With them, he has taken, assisted or audited the Rolf Institute's Advanced Training four times. Bruce has co-taught or assisted trainings at all levels of the Rolf Institute's academic curriculum. In 2007, Bruce was a Test Item Writer for the International Association for Structural Integrators (IASI) Certification Exam for Structural Integrators. Bruce is an Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider for the Rolf Institute and IASI.

Bruce began his study of Visceral Osteopathy in 1997 with a class on fascial manipulation of the digestive system. Resonating with the interior world of the organs and their shadow relationship with the musculoskeletal system, Bruce has studied Visceral Manipulation (VM) and Neural Manipulation (NM) primarily with the Barral Institute. Taking classes for over a decade with innovator Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. directly, his other principal influences are Gail Wetzler PT, DPT, EDO, BI-D and Alain Croibier D.O.. Bruce's additional studies in osteopathic manipulation include coursework with A.J. de Koenig D.O., Didier Prat D.O., Alain Gehin D.O., Claudia Kohn D.O. and Hugh Milne D.O.

In 1996, Bruce began working with the Sports Medicine practice of Karlis Ullis M.D. in Santa Monica California. Working with five time Olympic Team Physician Dr. Ullis in an orthopedic context forced Bruce to develop practical clinical applications of Structural Integration (SI). This demand became the impetus to share skills with others and that same year Bruce taught his first class in SI. Bruce went on to develop, teach and refine orthopedic approaches to Structural Integration at the Institute Of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles for over a decade.

Linking spinal biomechanics within a systems anatomy context of membranes, nerves and organs, Bruce has developed an original series of classes in Fascial Integration (FI). Bridging the musculo-skeletal system with the underlying organs and interfacing membranes, FI has interdisciplinary roots and represents structural integration meets visceral anatomy.

In 2010, Bruce became an Approved Continuing Education Instructor for Licensed Acupuncturists in California. In 2013 Bruce began working with IAHE.