The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators, in conjunction with the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, is committed to the presentation of high-quality educational programs for interested healthcare professionals from all disciplines.

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CranioSacral Therapy / SomatoEmotional Release
Visceral Manipulation / Neural Manipulation / New Manual Articular Approach
D'Ambrogio Total Body Balancing / Muscle Balancing / Joint Balancing / Fascial Balancing / Lymphatic Balancing
BioAquatic Explorations / Dolphin Assisted Therapy
Healing From The Core
Body Alchemy
Equine CranioSacral
Zero Balancing
Process Acupressure
Mechanical Link
The Feldenkrais Method For CranioSacral Therapists
Fascial Integration
Neuromuscular Therapy
Qigong T'Chings
Lymphedema Management
Stecco Fascial Manipulation®
Integrative Intentions