Body Alchemy is a transformational process of healing and recovery from trauma, abuse and post traumatic stress (PTSD) experiences. In this 3 day intensive workshop craniosacral therapists will learn specific skills to manage these intense states of body deregulation caused by a loss of trust and safety due to abuse, trauma and PTSD.

Students will learn how to develop their therapeutic presence with a client, how to restore the body of trust and apply specific skills to assist a client’s nervous system to regulate and repair from their history. The body alchemy process integrates CranioSacral Therapy with appropriate somatic therapies and the expressive arts. Students will learn to strengthen their own therapeutic and ethical boundaries and develop communication skills to explore a client’s past so that they can more fluidly guide a client through the body releases of past hurt, pain and fear. Utilizing the current theories of trauma they will also learn how to gently release the freeze/shock from the body and brain, while structurally and compassionately rebuilding resilience and trust. Using metaphor and storytelling that accesses deep body communication, students will discover ways to guide a client through the change making process so that they can find their own creative resources and reframe their traumatic experience to one of hopeful resilience integrating body, mind and spirit.