Living in today's world places many daily demands on us. As therapists we strive to maintain strong, healthy, therapeutic relationships in our work. As human beings we also seek to have more depth and connection in our personal lives. Yet burnout is often the outcome if we do not first hold a healing space for ourselves.

While each person's journey through life is individual and unique, basic underlying principles for wholeness and integration in that journey are the same. The Healing From the Core (HFC) curriculum is designed to explore these principles conceptually, physically and emotionally using such resources as intention, felt sensation, hands-on protocols, expanding and reframing awareness, breath, sound, movement, drumming, drawing and journaling. Courses also teach skills to deepen intuition and interpersonal awareness.

Through the Healing From the Core process you will:

  • Discover how to hold a strong therapeutic presence - a vital skill in the application of any modality
  • Maximize treatment outcomes
  • Improve your evaluation and palpation skills
  • Create healthy boundaries that enhance your connection to the world, while avoiding burnout
  • Learn to meet your clients where they are