Integrative Intentions

Integrative Intentions (II) is dedicated to the integrity of wholism, the integration of body, mind and spirit including our relationships and the environment.

We are cooperating and co-creating innovative programs with a broad range of CranioSacral therapists who share integrative intentions.

II takes on many forms as we evolve.

Currently we are:

  • Evolving integrative therapeutic principles and practice
  • Developing and implementing Comprehensive Therapy Programs
  • Providing clinical services
  • Teaching classes
  • Developing an aquatic modality based in CranioSacral Therapy
  • Facilitating study groups, workshops and retreats
  • Guest lecturing
  • Providing a forum for therapists to exchange treatments and therapeutic modalities
  • Developing an integrative approach to Dolphin Assisted Therapy
  • Opening to interspecies communication as a co-healing process
  • Promoting the ecology of health within relationships, community and environment

Integrative Intentions hopes to provide a forum, a place, a space, a time and a process that allows for the infinite, for each individual to discover their way of healing.

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