EBook FAQs

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EBook FAQs

Many of our books are available as digital eBooks. For this purpose, we use secure PDFs that offer content identical to the print version. You'll be able to:

  • Highlight
  • Take notes
  • Add bookmarks (IOS and Android Devices at this time)
  • Search
  • Navigate instantly with one click

Do these PDFs require a special reader?

Yes. Our eBooks require the free Javelin Reader. Javelin Reader has robust highlighting and note-taking features. It also offers bookmarking (IOS and Android devices currently) and search functions, in addition to clickable shortcuts that allow lightning-fast access to all the content in the print edition. Javelin is a free download. Our ebooks are not compatible with Adobe Reader.

Are your eBooks readable on all devices?

With a few minor exceptions, yes! Our Javelin eBooks are compatible with Windows and Mac OSX, and on phones and tablets that run iOS or Android. They can also be read on Kindle Fire tablets in most cases, but not Kindle Reader. See a full list of compatible devices.

Phones noted above are compatible, but not recommended, as most people find reading books on a small screen is not effective.

How do I receive my eBook?

You will receive an email with instructions and "Product Activation Code" that enables the eBook.

How does the Product Activation Code work?

As a security measure, Javelin Reader asks for a 9 digit activation code the first time you open your eBook on your devices. Your activation code enables you to download the eBook to your computer and one of your mobile devices. Please keep your activation code safe.

Once you have opened your eBook with the activation code on your computer and your mobile device, you do not need the code again. 

Important: Your eBook is non-returnable and non-refundable once you have used your activation code. Your eBook is also non-returnable and non-refundable 7 day after the activation code email has been sent to you, even if the code has not be activated.

What permissions and limits come with my eBook?

Your eBook offers unlimited viewing on your computer and one of your mobile devices for up to seven years from your date of purchase. That expiration date may be extended depending on digital product availability at that time. For security purposes and copyright protection for the author, printing is not allowed.

What if I need more devices?

While access to your secure eBook is initially set to your computer and one of your mobile devices, should you replace one of your devices with a new one in the future, as a registered user you may contact us at that time to add your new device (iahe@iahe.com). A small fee will be charged for this purpose.

What is the cancellation or exchange policy for an eBook?

At IAHE, we take great pride in the quality of our merchandise, however if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may return or exchange your merchandise based on the following policy.

As long as the activation C=code has not been used, cancellation of eBooks may be requested up to 7 days after your receipt of the eBook activation code email.

Your eBook is non-returnable and non-refundable once you have used your activation code. Your eBook is also non-returnable and non-refundable 7 days after the activation code email has been sent to you, even if the code has not been activated.

Cancellations will be refunded based on the original eBook purchase price, and will be refunded to the original method of payment.

All cancellations are processed within a week of receipt.

Please send a note as to the reason for your cancellation, your wish to replace,  or refund, and email to:


Subject Line: eBook Cancellation

Are there any shipping fees?

No, your eBook activation code will be emailed to you. When prompted for Shipping Method in the purchase process, please click on this option.

"Free - Electronic Access-eBooks and non deliverables only"

Are the eBooks compatible to provide text-to-speech?

Yes! Javelin3 for MacOS (latest versions) supports text to speech via the standard MacOS "Settings" facility, "Dictation and Speech" option with either page-based reading aloud or when reading selected text regions. Javelin3 for Windows now supports the read aloud facilities of Win8 and Win10. Right-clicking on a page provides the pop-up menu for speaking the contents of the current page or for selected text. Selected text is the recommended mode. Read aloud is also supported on mobile platforms via the menu facility or when text blocks are selected (Read page and Read selected text facilities).

Do the eBooks have highlighting and bookmarking capabilities?

Yes! There are many exciting features for highlighting, adding notes, marking pages, etc. to maximize the use of your eBooks.