Online Video Programs FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Video Programs FAQs

What happens after I purchase an online video program?

Once you purchase an online video program, a notification will be sent to our video coordinator.  Some of our videos have pre-requisites, so each purchase must be verified.  Our video coordinator will verify you have the necessary qualifications to access the video you purchased.

If you are qualified to have access, you will be sent another email with your video access information.  You will receive this email within 1 business day after your purchase.

If you are not qualified to receive access, your order will be cancelled and refunded.  You will be notified of the cancellation, via email and/or telephone.

Are the online video programs viewable on all devices?

Yes. The video programs are accessible through all browsers and devices. You must have access to a reliable internet source for viewing, as the video will be streaming.  The speed of your internet service may affect the quality of your viewing experience.  You may only view on one device at a time.

How do I view my previously purchased online video program(s)?

To view your videos, visit and enter your login credentials that were sent to you after your first video purchase.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

Go to and click the "Forgot Password?" link.  Enter your email address used when you purchased your video and our system will email the instructions to reset your password.

What permissions and time limits come with my online video program?

Your online video program offers unlimited streaming on your device for your personal viewing.  Your video(s) will be available for up to five years from your date of purchase (depending on the program). Simply log into your account to see the online video program(s) available to you.

For security purposes and copyright protection for the author, all our the video programs may not be downloaded or forwarded to another person. Group viewing is not permitted; please respect the copyright of the author.

See "How do I view my previously purchased online video program?" for details regarding watching your video programs again in the future. 

What is the cancellation policy for an online program?

At IAHE, we take great pride in the quality of our merchandise. Cancellation of online video programs may be requested up to 72 hours from the original transaction, based on the following reasons:

  • You have not viewed the online video(s) you purchased.
  • You have made a duplicate purchase using the same email address.
  • The availability of the content you have purchased was cancelled.
  • The content wasn't published by IAHE.
  • More than 80% of the content delivery had quality issues (no sound, or poor sound & video quality).
  • The content was misleading – the description didn't relate to actual content.

Not satisfied with the content? You are free to submit a refund request, but make sure to do it within 72 hours of the original purchase. 

If you are enrolled in a Core-Pak program that includes online videos, and you opt out of the Core-Pak, if you have viewed any portion of the online video program, you will be responsible for the online video retail value of the entire online video program.

Please send a note as to reason for cancellation, your wish to replace or refund, and email to:

If you are having any issue viewing an online video program, please contact IAHE at 561-622-4334.

Are there any shipping fees?

There are no shipping fees associated with our online videos.

If there is a printed item associated with the item you purchased, there will be shipping fees for that item.

Why did my credit card decline?

Credit or debit card can be declined in the following cases:

  1. Lack of funding.
  2. The fraud control system flagged the user as suspicious.

If your credit card declines, please contact your bank for an explanation of the decline. 

For additional questions or assistance please contact the support team at

Can I make the video larger when I am watching it?

Yes, you can watch in 'fullscreen' mode.  Click on the box icon in the bottom right corner of the video (the box icon with the 4 corners highlighted).  To exit the full screen, hit the esc key on your keyboard or click on the same box icon again.

May I purchase online videos as a set?

Yes, we offer several of our online video programs as sets. You will find them at and the title will include the word SET.  You can view the various pages or you can also type OLV SET in the search box on our site.

Are the online videos available in any language other than English?

At this time, all of our online video programs are English speaking only.  However, our Beyond the Dura 2023 (10 languages) program offers subtitles in 10 different languages.