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Intractable Seizures Testimonial

I treat a 2-year old who has suffered from severe and often intractable seizures. She has developmental delays because of the seizures themselves and the heavy medication they use to treat them. She was doing quite well with CranioSacral Therapy, gaining vocalization, walking, hand-eye coordination and eating semi-solid foods. She had a new bout of seizures this summer but before she was hospitalized again mom brought her in for a session. Poor thing was just inconsolable, plaintively crying. I held her tight to my chest as I bounced with her on my physioball. With my hand on her head and back I asked into her system, finding myself ticking through the different structures and functions from Tad Wanveer’s glial class. All of a sudden I got “ephaptic coupling”. I confess I had not remembered anything about ephaptic coupling but I trusted the intention asked for from her system. Within seconds of connecting with her on this level (while we were still bouncing by the way) she fell completely asleep. We then clicked over to the extracellular space and treated on this level. When I looked up ‘ephaptic coupling’ on Wikipedia I found the following entry. 

“Epileptic seizures occur when there is synchrony of electrical waves in the brain. Knowing the role that ephaptic coupling plays in maintaining synchrony in electrical signals, it makes sense to look for ephaptic mechanisms in this type of pathology. One study suggested that cortical cells represent an ideal place to observe ephaptic coupling due to the tight packing of axons, which allows for interactions between their electrical fields. They tested the effects of changing extracellular space (which affects local electrical fields) and found that one can block epileptic synchronization independent of chemical synapse manipulation simply by increasing the space between cells.[15] Later, a model was created to predict this phenomenon and showed scenarios with greater extracellular spacing that effectively blocked epileptic synchronization in the brain.” 

During her hospitalization she lost all her motor control. She was discharged with a nasal gastric feeding tube since she could not swallow. After 2 CST sessions she regained the ability to suck and swallow, narrowly avoiding G-tube surgery. She is now working on her cross-crawl skills and vocalization again. Mom is convinced it is the CST that has helped her more than any of her many other interventions. 

~Lori Leitzel Rice L.M.T, CST-D 

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Lori Leitzel Rice L.M.T

An inspiring story about a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder Mild/Moderate

Emily interviewed Mariann Sisco for her upcoming book "The Body Heals Itself" and also took her CST2 class a few months ago.

Emily's daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Mild/Moderate and this is her short story:

Well...we have been continuing with CST every month and I do very little in between for maintenance. We went back to our Developmental Pediatrician who diagnosed her and has done her re-evaluation each six months and yearly. At this year's appointment, the doctor removed her diagnosis completely!!! She said her daughter no longer meets the criteria for Autism Spectrum on any level. And although she barely tests out of it, she is in fact off the spectrum. The doctor said to me: "You need to know that this rarely to never happens. You need to take your miracle and know that everything you've been doing is working."

I know for a fact that the difference maker has been CranialSacral Therapy.

And now we did NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique) and were able to leave our strict gluten free diet behind us as well!!! It's like we've been given our life back! She is now in a totally typical pre-K class and you would not pick her out of a line up on being any different than the other children. No special needs anything in place and she is rocking it in big ways.

We also went for our speech re-evaluation with our original speech pathologist and she was in tears and utterly shocked! Her daughter now is out of having speech apraxia, and her receptive language was 89% and expressive language was 86%-the only thing she qualifies for is articulation therapy and every time we go inside her mouth we see that coming along too-even her teacher noticed it!

This all happened because I came to interview you for my book..and now I'm deeply in awe of CranialSacral Therapy and intend to take it through the pediatric training myself AND this gave my child her life back. Truly.

I am forever grateful to have met you on this path. Forever and ever grateful.


CranioSacral Therapy and SLP

Dear Pam,

You gave my son, Billy, CS therapy 4 x-s late Oct. 05-Dec. 05; he slept through the 1st 3 sessions, and was awake through the 4th. Before the CST, he had feeding issues, sensory problems, and speech-language delays. He has made remarkable progress in the last few months. His feeding issues and sensory problems have almost completely resolved, and he has made huge gains in his speech/language development. I believe the therapy he received from you had a very positive impact! Thank you.

I think more people should be aware of the wonderful & positive effects of CST.

Forwarded with permission by Pamela Yenawine, CST
Certified CranioSacral Therapist
May, 2006

Billy's Mom

CranioSacral Therapy Certification Process Evaluation

Was the exam a useful educational experience?

So useful that I am using this as one of my primary resources - I found new understandings and clarity as I researched the questions.

Was the exam fair and comprehensive?

Yes! And I'm very glad it is -- Certification is serious stuff - thus a vigorous exam is necessary.

Based on the materials you had already received, did the exam meet your expectations?

More - I didn't expect to clarify so much in the process I didn't expect this to become an important resource for reviews and I didn't expect to learn as much as I did!

Please comment on the process so we can continue our commitment to you as an educational institute.

I've had 12 years Public Ed, 3 years Pre-Dental, 4 years Dental School and 33 years of Continuing Education Courses. The Educational Experience at Upledger with David Tomlinson has been the best of my career.

November 11, 2005
Examination Candidate

CranioSacral Therapy and Palliative Care

November 16, 2005

Dear Dr. Upledger,

I am writing to share an experience I had in August of this year. A very close friend of mine was dying from pancreatic cancer and should have been in a Hospice Unit and instead was in a nursing home that had horrendous end-of-life care. He was not receiving enough morphine or atavan for his pain and agitation, it was awful. My associate, Barb Grummel, who is a also a massage and CranioSacral therapist and I had worked with Bob during his illness, and he came through his chemo and radiation quite well. We were disappointed when he became terminal, however we never stopped trying and his health was relatively good until the last several weeks of his life.

The reason I am writing is to share with you our experience for the last five days of our friend's life. As Bob's pain got worse Barb and I began to treat him extensively. At first we arced and treated the energy cysts and Bob's pain would diminish greatly. For the last three days we did a lot of stillpoints and off the body work so as to not irritate him. His friends and family were astonished at how quickly Bob would respond. His agitation would stop completely and he would fall asleep. When he would wake up or come out of process he was calm, was in much less pain, and was his same old self. The pain was robbing him of his dignity and his wonderful personality. The best aspect of caring for him was seeing him come back and become lucid again.

He maintained the lucidity until the very last hours of his life and he got to say good-bye and tell us all how much he loved us, and he knew how much we all loved him. Barb and I always amazed at how much help CST is in conditions that other health care practitioners have given up on, and this was another example. The nurses in this facility were awful and kept telling us to leave Bob alone, and that were preventing him from dying. It was a privilege to help our friend in the only way we knew, using our skills and hearts to help his transition into the next life. Barb and I are proud of the work we do and CST is always a miracle in the lives of the people we help. This is not the first end-of-life experience for either of us professionally and personally and if easing the suffering and fear associated with death is the only reason to have become a CST practitioner then Barb and I have fulfilled a part of our destinies.

Thank-you for listening. Thank-you for your vision and tenacity in advancing CST in the world. Both Barb and I are in ADVII next October and I am very excited to be taking this class with you.


Sally J. Keller, LMT
Sally J. Keller, LMT

Feedback from a Clinical Symposium Demonstration Patient

Dear Alena,

I just wanted to let you know that I have had extraordinary results from the cranial work that the Upledgers so compassionately performed on me. I have suffered from clogged ears and extreme pressure and tightness in my upper abdomen for almost 2 years. My jaw and neck muscles would occasionally spasm and my throat would tighten. I was short of breath most of the time-miserable and desperate. I had been to the emergency room so many times only to be told I suffered from anxiety. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and put on medication for that. The problem continued and I was then diagnosed with TMJ by 2 different ENT's. The TMJ dentist put me on jaw repositioning guards 24 hours a day but couldn't fix the pressure problem so I referred myself to an oral surgeon. He performed surgery on my jaw joints and said it would help with my ears. It didn't. Nothing worked. I was prescribed everything from allergy medications to steroids to antibiotics to anti-depressants -all to no avail. I had run the full gamut with every type of specialist. I felt like I was on a conveyor belt just throwing away time, energy and money. I was beyond exhausted and drained on every level. I cried and prayed to God for a second chance at life--to send his angels to heal me. I was not living-I was existing. Today, I have cried again---cried tears of happiness and relief because my prayers have finally been answered. Joy (mu CST therapist), you, and the wonderful Upledgers are those angels I prayed for. For the first time in almost 2 years, I slept the whole night without a Klonopin pill and woke up without tremors and that dreadful pressure in my body. Alena, I am a 38 year old female and for the first time in almost 2 years, I have lived one day as a normal human being. That is a quantum leap for me. I am excited for the first time in a very, very long time.

God bless all of you for the wonderful work you do. You have all impacted my life in the most glorious way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given me the most marvelous gift-that second chance at a normal life.

Sincerely yours,
Rosi Henderson
November 21, 2005
Rosie Henderson

Equine CranioSacral Techniques II

"Gail [Wetzler] is amazing! All the handouts are fantastic - the detail that Gails presents is so very helpful for me. I came from Florida [to California] for this class and am thrilled that I did - it was soooooo worth it. Gail's knowledge and willingness to share - in so much detail - was pivital in making this class so terrific. I can't wait to get back to my horse clients and see how different they present."
K.P., Bradenton, FL
Class participant

CranioSacral Dissection Workshop

Imagine watching the changes in your client's tissues as you work on them - the CST Dissection class comes close to offering you this chance. For years I have been feeling into soft tissue, fluids, membrane, viscera and bone - after seeing, touching and working directly on fresh cadaver material, my ability to imagine and feel into what is happening in my clients has taken on a new dimension. Roy Desjarlais created an atmosphere that was safe, respectful, challenging and fun. Watching a human body decay over three days was a profound experience that has changed me in some fundamental way.

I highly recommend this class to all serious CST practitioners.

-Jim Cunningham
September 23, 2004
Jim Cunningham

Applying Acupuncture Principles to CranioSacral Therapy Workshop

This is just a fantastic class - I've been seeking information on Chinese medicine since CSI and this more than fulfills my desire, and maybe even opens up a few new ones!

High praise is, indeed, due to the instructor of this class, Ken Koles. His energy, fluency, dedication, and delight in his chosen subject are truly remarkable. In an inspiring, all participant class demonstration, he treated a group member who had been suffering with acute on chronic cholecystitis. The focus, concentration and energy was incredible, and even I, visually impaired, saw whips of haze or mist escaping from the borders of his dominant hand. This was a demonstration, with the like and quality of which I have never previously been involved. Needless to say, the patient reported total remission of symptoms the following day, and most of us will never know what radiological changes will occur.

This type of seminar is to be most highly recommended.
Seminar Participants

CranioSacral Dissection Workshop

This course (December, 2003) was very helpful to me in many ways. The 3-D anatomy lesson was excellent, being able to feel the quality of the tissues of the body's organs and cranial membranes was amazing. I highly recommend this class to any practitioner.
Heather Linnemeyer BA, LMT, CST

Feedback from the CranioSacral Therapy Dissection Class

Portland, Dec. 12, 2003

Participating with a group of people who functioned so closely with professional courtesy and enthusiasm was validating and inspiring. It encourages me to have more confidence in my skills as well as opening a multitude of new questions.

The focused learning environment allowed me to reach deeper levels of inquiry and interest in the anatomical relationships related to CranioSacral Therapy. Working in such a close linkage with the other students under totally involved instructors and teaching assistants provided an unequaled, rich learning experience.

The feeling that is the pinnacle of my personal experience in the class, is absolute wonder at the intricacy and elegance of the structures that make up our bodies; that only comes from seeing and touching the actual forms themselves.

Being completely absorbed in exploration allowed me to collate my course work and client experience into a new level of awareness. I returned to my clients with skills that are qualitatively and quantitatively more substantial. I feel that it is possible for me to work both more intuitively with more trust in what I feel, and therefore more efficiently; and more connected with precision in relationship to the various parts of my client?s body. At the same time I feel more able to flow freely with the guidance of my inner knowledge and the client?s inner wisdom. The class has increased the maturity of my work.

Burns Davis, LMT

I just finished your CranioSacral Therapy workshop in New York City...

I just finished your CranioSacral Therapy workshop in New York City yesterday and if Susan Cotta is any indication of your instructors, then you have the greatest programs in the world!

She was superb, very well-read, thorough in her theory, and very precise in the application of the technique. I especially appreciated the repetitiveness of the teaching; it made the learning so much easier. Too often instructors run through the techniques so fast that you come away not really remembering very much. Your structure is excellent. I would have loved to have gone through the 10-step protocol twice, but I understand that there are time constraints.

I also appreciated the TA's, who were compassionate, understanding, and very helpful in making sure we got maximum benefit out of the workshop. They were warm and friendly, and their smiles made the entire 4 days a very pleasurable learning experience.

It was exciting to actually experience the changing rhythms and patterns and I can't wait to practice to perfect (I hope) my palpation skills.

Thank you once again and I look forward to CST II in May 2004.

Dr. Ray Turner, Ph.D., LMT

CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics Demonstration

Patient Testimonial - CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics Demonstration, February, 2004, Minneapolis
RE: David
BY: Linda

Daniel had a brain injury in utero & broke a bone on his face. He has had trouble connecting left to right brain when it comes to learning. I can see an improvement already in his reading ability. He is remembering his sounds better & his handwriting is neater. Thank you! I can also tell you just a more general sense of well being for him.

Patient Testimonial - CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics Demonstration, February, 2004, Minneapolis
RE: Stephen
BY: Linda

Stephen was born 1/2 paralyzed lower extremities and we have had a lot of cranial work done on them. He now has some control in his legs & can walk with KAFO's & a walker.

Every time we take Stephen, especially to a multi-hands session, he makes strong gains. He has arthrogryposis which is very restricting even to his growth & he always seems to have a growth spurt after sessions. He is also more peppy & he just looks healthier & stronger. Most of his muscles at age 3 1/2 haven't come in yet in his legs, but we feel more movement opening up. It is so worth the trouble to do this. It is Stephen's largest catapult to healing. His trunk control improved, his speech improved & he seems to be able to connect his mind to be able to control some urinary flow. Not all his bladder muscles are working & I see some improvement there.

Patient Testimonial - CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics Demonstration, Thursday, October 23, 2003, Calgary
RE: Brandon
BY: Michelle

After Brandon's CranioSacral Therapy treatments, I noticed that Brandon had a new love for reading - and this is coming from a kid where it was a struggle (to put it mildly) to get him to read ever! Prior to the treatments, he was to read a little bit each evening for homework, and every night it was a huge ordeal to get him to read. After the treatments, he started asking if he could read to us! And not just the prescribed amount, but additional reading on top of that! And I noticed him reading more, in general, in the form of street signs, building signs, billboards, things on TV, etc.

Knowing what he was like before with respect to reading, I would never had believed that a few treatments would have made such a positive difference. I'm thrilled to have had such a beneficial and remarkable experience.

Patient Testimonial - CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics Demonstration, Thursday, May 29, 2003, New York
RE: Brian
BY: Diana

Since attending the CST Pediatric Demonstration, Brian has made tremendous strides. He no longer complains of his head hurting. We also have noticed an improvement in his speech - he is starting to put more sentences together. Overall, he appears calmer and happier. He continues to look forward to his CST treatments with his own therapist. I would not hesitate to bring him back again!


I've incorporated CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in my chiropractic adjustments...

I've incorporated CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in my chiropractic adjustments and it seems to have a great impact on helping the client/patient receive better care.

One story I have, is of a woman who had for some reason begun to have skin deterioration, had lost most of her hair and hardly had an appetite to speak of. After only two one-hour sessions and a series of holding the occiput and separating the atlas and occiput, her skin condition improved (we did do extensive neuro-emotional sessions prior to the CST that was significant to her healing as well).

She now has a voracious appetite but "fills out" proportionately and does not gain the fatty weight. Her skin condition cleared especially at the scalp and in between the fingers. Her hair began to grow back without the itching that was once there. Although slow growing in length, the hair follicles remain intact.

Dr. Ann

How wonderfully different would all our lives be if at birth and beyond we could have CST in our lives?

I gave birth via C-section on October 6, 2003 to a healthy 9-lb+ baby girl named Eleanor. I received a CST treatment in the hospital, as did Eleanor, within hours of her birth. Two practitioners (Ann Quarles and Michele Ippolito, both of Lewisburg PA) have worked with Eleanor several times since then.

The treatments have made a wonderful difference in our lives. Eleanor has had "colic" according to the pediatricians. She would scream for several hours a day, for several days a week. She was going hoarse from the crying.

Ann and Michele have worked on her when she is calm and when she is in the process of a crying jag. The effect is amazing.

Ann and Michele are truly talented and gifted therapists with a real special sense in working with children. Both have worked on my older daughter Lydia too. Eleanor still has work/healing to do (with Ann and Michele), but the crying is greatly minimized.

I am so thankful to have the chance to offer her the opportunity to experience CST at such a young age. How wonderfully different would all our lives be if at birth and beyond we could have CST in our lives? I think it makes a dramatic difference. Kudos to you and the practitioners trained by The Upledger Institute.

Josie Ross-MacLeod

CranioSacral Therapy I

I attended the CranioSacral I class in Chambersburg, PA, Oct. 2-5. The class was taught by Sue Cotta. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Sue and the facilitator. They were both very helpful and professional while being very personable. I have been to many conferences/seminars as a nurse and must admit that this was the best I have attended. Sue is such a dynamic speaker and her method of teaching is very logical; she presents the material so that you are never bored and hang on her every word. Thank you so much for such a wonderful instructor. I am sorry she doesn't teach other classes, but am hopeful that all of your instructors are equally dynamic. I have already signed up for the CranioSacral II class and look forward to learning more. Thanks again for such fantastic presenters.
Ginger Lebow, RN, CCM, MT

CranioSacral Therapy Demonstration

Thank you for inviting us to be a part of the CranioSacral Therapy Demonstration in July 2003. What an amazing day it was! All of the therapists that worked on our daughter were informative, gracious, and the experience a memorable one. We welcome being a part of any & all future demonstrations. Our hats off to The Upledger Institute for coordinating and holding such a valuable event. Thanks again.
Robert & Cheryl Guth

Since Attending the CST Pediatric Demonstration...

Since attending the CST Pediatric Demonstration, Brian has made tremendous strides. He no longer complains of his head hurting. We also have noticed an improvement in his speech - he is starting to put more sentences together. Overall, he appears calmer and happier. He continues to look forward to his CST treatments with his own therapist. I would not hesitate to bring him back next year!

I Don't Want My Thinking to Get in the Way

I have had exactly one CranioSacral Therapy (CST) session and I am sold. My PT did a very thorough traditional exam during my visit and then asked me to lie down on the exam table. She then told me she was going to hold my head. I thought it was a little strange, but I thought she might want to manipulate my neck or upper back. I waited for her to do SOMETHING, but she just continued to hold my head. After a couple of minutes, my scalp started twitching. I raised an eyebrow and she said, "You might feel some pulsing in your scalp. That's OK." Alrighty then, I thought, I'm paying good money for a twitching scalp. Right.

A couple of minutes later, the PT said, "Do you have jaw problems?" Now, that surprised me because I hadn't told her that. I'd gone for treatment on my shoulders and my TMJ hadn't entered my mind. She later asked me if I had asthma. I do, but I hadn't told her that either as it is in remission. Soon she moved to my tailbone and exclaimed, "You've had abdominal surgery!" Now, just a doggone minute here. She had one hand on my tailbone and one on the center of my abdomen. How did she know I'd had an appendectomy nearly 40 years ago! Her hands hadn't been anywhere near my scar!

Before the treatment, the PT had measured how far I could turn my head. Thirty degrees on each side was all I could manage. With only one treatment, I was turning 40 degrees to each side AND some of the tension I have in my upper back was greatly relieved. Before treatment, I could only raise my left arm to shoulder height. After treatment, I moved it up by my head!

Before my treatment I had never heard of CST. I still don't really understand just why it affected me the way it did, nor what may be affected in the future. I probably won't ask, either. I don't want my thinking to get in the way of the effect. I do know it is one VERY amazing treatment. It is painless and non-invasive. Am I cured? Of course not, but I am better. And you can bet I'll continue with the therapy.

Thanks for letting me share, R.M.

Spinal Injuries

I realize you undoubtedly get thousands of letters just like this one, but I wanted to say thank you anyway.

I am a 31 yr old RN with spinal injuries and have been getting physical therapy which includes the CranioSacral Therapy techniques. I have found this to be very helpful. Having had multiple spinal fusions and PT from 2 entirely different facilities, I can honestly say that the CranioSacral Therapy I have received this time around has made the rehab process go a bit faster and be more effective. The pain relief and increased mobility it results in, even if it isn't immediate, is great.

My physical therapy assistant, which is the person doing the craniosacral work, loaned me the book written by Dr. Upledger, "Your Inner Physician and You (2nd ed.)." This was a wonderful book to read, which sheds light on the techniques she uses and how they help. It was also good at keeping my attention by the use of case studies and a bit of humor. I have been able to feel the energy flows of a person at times and so have always believed in their existence. I have also, felt the relaxing and helpful feelings that a person can get from being around animals in general (obviously depending on the person and which animal).

So, I was particularly intrigued by the co-working of dolphins/porpoises in the therapy. It would be so wonderful to be able to experience that! However, I live in St. Louis, Missouri and it's not likely I would ever get the chance. If I ever do, I will certainly take advantage of it.


Uncontrolled Eye Movements

I have had some exciting and gratifying results with CranioSacral Therapy (CST) techniques. One of the first was the immediate elimination of a migraine in an 8-year-old boy.

However, by far, the most special treatment result was the unexpected disappearance of approximately 80% of uncontrolled eye movements in a 52-year-old female multiple sclerosis sufferer.

Upon evaluation of her cerebrospinal pulse I found it noticeably distinctive and it was far more recalcitrant to treatment. At the time, I was unaware of her diagnosis and now hypothesize that these features may be symptomatic of the multiple sclerosis. She was overjoyed and amazed with the reprieve which accompanied significant reduction of a migraine headache.

Thank you for developing and sharing your splendid techniques which offer such tremendous aid to people. You can imagine how much I look forward to further study.


Turning Breech Baby with CranioSacral Therapy

I have had such a wonderful experience enabling a pregnant client, who has been coming to me for pregnancy massage, to support her fetus turning in the last few days of gestation.

She had remembered from a month earlier a conversation with me re: turning breech babies with CranioSacral Therapy (CST). Her baby had been found to be, not breech, but rotated with head down. It was a face presentation.

She came in on Monday afternoon this week when we did a little massage and then, using my CST skills - I have completed SomatoEmotional Release 1 (SER1), we did visualization and intention work, as I put it to her, to support her baby in turning safely and effectively.

She called the lunchtime after, to say she had just returned from her midwife's office and the baby had turned and was in perfect position and all stations were ready for delivery. My client gave my contact info to the hospital midwife - they are setting up some new program.

I wanted to thank you for the coursework - I love it - just can't get enough of it. I plan to continue my studies, already having more scheduled. I find it interesting that the day of SER1 I was least looking forward to - the dialoguing - is the one that I enjoyed the most and have had the most interesting experiences with.

I have helped one of my CST clients to temporarily store issues in a different, more comfortable part of her body until she is able to deal with them in session.

Another had a cardiac infection and desperately wanted to do her inverted yoga poses, which her MD and myself were advising her against. I took her through the poses in her mind to allow her to access the mental benefit. This client is a resident psychologist, I believe. I didn't see her for some time. When I next did, she had had 2 minor surgical procedures for which her MD offered her a general anesthetic, with her refusing on both occasions. She took herself back to her session with me, doing the yoga poses, keeping herself calm. The doctor checked in with her re: her comfort/pain level. Her response was that she only had pain when he interrupted her with his talking.

I wouldn't have had the confidence to do this before SER1 - thank you!


Crying Infant

There wonderful things happening in my work as I apply CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and therapeutic massage therapy with infants and children. I have a family-oriented practice and a psychospiritual approach to the work I've done for seven years.

One recent case involved a 9 m/o girl who had been crying constantly since birth for no apparent reason. The mother was very nurturing and the birthing was uneventful and very positive. She was able to comfort the baby through breastfeeding and being very patient and keeping active.

The mom was virtually at her wits end. The baby wasn't sleeping well and was still crying for no apparent reason. I had known about this baby for six months and was waiting for the mom to ask for help. I offered infant massage earlier, but with not much interest from the mother. I was thrilled when she finally came to see me.

My first impression was that she was "out of synch" with the energy flow of mom and even though she was a healthy, active and beautiful little girl, she obviously wasn't very comfortable in her body. As we worked together for 30 minutes, she responded to CST and nurturing massage with an awareness of herself that she hadn't felt before...it was a joy to observe and be a part of her connection to whatever it was she needed.

Two days later, the mom brought her by to see me and was enthusiastic to reveal that she and the baby were sleeping all night, the crying was only when in need, and she was obviously happier now to be here.

Sometimes all is not revealed in the beginning, but after weeks of continued results with mom and baby, I discovered an aspect of what happened to her to feel out of synch. For some strange reason the mom didn't know she was pregnant until she was six months along...was still on BCP's, having periods and no apparent signs of pregnancy other than gaining weight. Wow! Now I understand the connection...or disconnection between this particular parent/child. This understanding wasn't necessary to treat this little girl, but definitely shed light on my interpretation of why she was not happy and out of synchronicy in the physical.

Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but how many moments take our breath away...

Thank you for having a space to share success stories and I look forward to continuing my studies with SomatoEmotionalRelease.

Yours truly, T.C.P

Ocular Albinism

I would like to tell you about an amazing accomplishment that I have had.

A client of mine was diagnosed with ocular albinism. Doctors told him that there is nothing that can be done and that his vision would progressively deteriorate to blindness.

My client has not read a book in 4 years. He even signed up for computer courses for the blind (he works in dynamic communications) and then I suggested regular sessions of CranioSacral Therapy.

At Christmas it hurt his eyes and put them into spasm to read one page of a book. In January, I started the CranioSacral Therapy sessions. He just told me today that on Sunday he read the first 2 chapters of that same book-no problem!! This is a man who had gotten used to his paychecks being put in envelopes with his name in huge red letters so he'd SEE them-a man whose last 5 yrs of life have been spent preparing for life without vision.

Imagine the hope and ability to bring his life back to "normal" that I have been able to give this man with CranioSacral Therapy. He also sustained 3 concussions in his life. I was not only able to allow them to surface, I was able to know where the areas of impact were without him even telling me, thanks to the subtlety and precision of the work.

My client has been seeing a nutritionist since September and an alternative medicine doctor who has been given him massive injections of the amino acid glucothyone. The purpose of the glucothyone is to strengthen the inner focus of my client's eyes while my CranioSacral Therapy strengthens his exoccular muscles, eases ocular movement, opens the circulation in his neck, and reduces the fascial restrictions in his body.


Migraine Headaches

I'm sure there are millions of these stories, but I'll share another one because it was fun. A lady who was referred to me because of her severe migraine headaches. They would keep her incapacitated and in bed from two to five days per week. She had been on every painkiller on the market and had suffered through withdrawal when trying to change from one painkiller to another. Ten CranioSacral Therapy sessions later her migraines had virtually ceased. She has been headache free for over four months now and counting. Isn't this work fun!!

57-yr old woman who had received a pacemaker 10 days prior

On Monday, I had the occasion to give a first ever CST session to a 57-yr old woman who had received a pacemaker 10 days prior... Not knowing much about CST, she came, in her words, to regain confidence in herself and life, to get more energy and to ease some of the pains... I did my usual and didn't feel like I "did" a whole lot...

She was quiet and seemed relaxed for most of the session. She got off the table at the end and said: It was as if I had injected her spine with a huge syringe of relaxation. The relaxation spread from her spine throughout her body... She was happy and amazed. I was too!!! And thanked the Goddess for sending her to me! She'll be back next week. Grateful and full! Denise Gaulin

Denise Gaulin

Diagnosis of calcification of the disc

I am a PT in the Buffalo, NY area. I had a patient who came in with a diagnosis of calcification of the disc between T4-T5 via MRI. She was 12 years old at the time.

She initially complained of L sided headaches, neck pain, easy loss of balance and poor sleep. Her mom reported that her daughter had poor homework habits and generally had become a "couch potato". Normally she did very well in school and was extremely active in school sports.

At her initial evaluation I found that the following: 1) normal cervical AROM except for moderate L scaleni, levator scapula and upper trapezius myofascial restrictions. 2) Increased tonus in L temporalis, massetter and lateral pterygoid muscles. 3) 1-3 second duration of her ability to stand on her L leg before loosing her balance. 4) Likely outer dural membrane adhesion at T4-5 with facilitated segments at this level as well 5) left sided torque during flexion phase in cranium with specific dural restrictions in L tent, squamal portion of L Temporal bone. L temporal bone with flexion lesion, sphenoid with left sided flexion and side bending lesions, left temporoparietal suture restricted. 6) CSR at 15 in spinal dura below T5 and 8 above T5.

Initially I started with temporal rock/wobble and circumferential techniques whereupon she immediately still pointed, started to unwind in upper cervical region. After a few minutes of this she promptly vomited. I had asked her if she wanted to hold for the morning and she stated that she wanted to continue.

I then was drawn to the upper thoracic and began assisting her in unwinding the upper thoracic with significant heat release. At this point she remembered that she had whacked the upper part of her back when was 7 years old doing flips on a trampoline. We finished at this point her CSR normalized to 11 cpm throughout the system.

The next session she reported 3 days of total relief before her symptoms came back (less intensely though). I continued working with her temps, sphenoid, added O-A and sacral techniques for 3 more sessions where by then her pain had totally stopped as well as her vestibular symptoms and she was able to return to her normal activities.

I did see her again in 3 months later for 2 visits as her symptoms returned mildly. As it turned out she had a growth spurt in that time (2 inches). Some residual upper thoracic dural restriction were found and released and she was able to return to her normal activities.

Working with her was very educational and rewarding.

David A. Wojtowicz, PT

David A. Wojtowicz, PT

Two ruptured discs

I have some thoughts for sure!

In 1989, I was a patient for two weeks at the UI Foundation. I had been bedridden for three months with two ruptured discs. Although I had been told there was no hope except an operation, I held out for something else.

I had had cranial treatments from two doctors in the Bay Area to little avail, except for the day I mistakenly made two consecutive appointments on the same day. The next day, I felt incredibly better and only wished it would somehow be possible to have more intensive consecutive treatments. This, I felt might be the answer.

Well, when I heard about the UI Foundation, I immediately started making plans to come. The two weeks of intensive treatments were nothing short of miraculous for me. At the end of the first week, I was running on the sand at the beach! This is from a person who had spent the last three months bedridden.

Fortunately, I was able to meet others with similar experiences, some with much more dramatic healings. I returned home with more recovery to come, but have never looked back. The experiences I had at UI with the intensive cranial work made me realize what a difference this work can make without the invasion of surgery. The human body is capable of its own miracles, sometimes needing only the guidance and encouragement of the hands of well-intentioned and skillful practitioners.

It has been my pleasure to have taken some of the Upledger CST courses and to put what I have learned to good use. I send my best wishes to all and most especially, my good intentions for the twins, knowing that anything is possible!


Sally Khanna

Sally Khanna

Reverse CST

I would like to relay an interesting occurrence during a session with one of my cerebral palsy infant clients. Alice will remember Sullivan From, who participated in the CST Pediatrics class in Pacifica, CA last year - he was one of the triplets. I have been seeing him every 1 - 2 weeks and he is making very good progress.

About mid-March, my wrists had been sore/stiff for about a week and were getting quite bothersome when I was treating clients. Towards the end of one of my sessions with Sullivan (I had been communicating very well with his brain during the session), I showed him my right wrist and told him how sore/stiff they have become and asked him to help my wrists the same way that I have been helping his body feel and move better. Sullivan immediately put the palm of his right hand on my right wrist for just a second or two and then the palm of his left hand. The soreness went away almost immediately. His mother had just come back into the room and asked what we were doing. I said, "Your son is doing reverse CST on me." I then presented my left wrist and he put the palms of both hands over that wrist. Since that day, my wrists have been slightly sore for only very brief periods of time with no sign of stiffness.

Hope this made interesting reading.

Warm Regards,

Dean P. Chang

Dean P. Chang

Situational Depression

I am SO happy to be able to share my success story with you. I was taking antidepressants (Paxil, Zoloft and Welbutrin, not all at once obviously!) for a couple of years for what was called "situational depression". I hated every moment of it and I didn't get any real, consistent relief for my depression. I never knew what kind of day I was going to have depression-wise. But I continually felt that I wasn't "clinically" depressed--that there must be something else to it. While doing research about depression on the 'net, which led me to one of Dr. Weil's message boards, I read something about CranioSacral Therapy (CST). I was desperate to find an alternative to anti-depressants because of all of the side effects that I experienced--memory problems, nonexistent libido, flat lined emotional state, etc.--so I looked into CST. The message on the message board specifically stated that if one had had an accident of some sort that may have compressed the spine from, say, a blow to the sacrum, or may have hit the back of the head or fore head that this could cause an interruption in the flow of vital fluids throughout the spinal column and that circulates around the brain. This circulation carries seratonin and other vital compounds to your brain. I had had an accident rollerblading and I fell and landed directly on my tailbone about 2 years prior to reading that message.

After the accident it felt as if I was sitting on a grapefruit for about a month, then it suddenly was better. Some time later I began feeling depressed. I found a CST therapist through The Upledger Institute, Kim Luchau of Boulder CO, and saw her for 5 sessions. I no longer have to take ANY antidepressants and have not had to do so for over a year! I cannot tell you how happy I am to not have to take any more meds or wonder what kind of day I was going to have the first thing when I awoke each morning. I would love to tell everyone about my experience!

As a side note, my husband is a Psy. D. And, while he knows that my depression no longer exists, I don't think he believes it is because of the CST. (I think it is the "old school" mental health training in him that won't let him believe in alternative treatments.) But I KNOW it is!

Thank you so much for your work and your techniques. I hope you can feel even a smidge of how grateful and happy I am that you have given me back my life.

Yours truly,

Susan Demander

Susan Demander


Just wanted to share our story with you. Our son, Alex was diagnosed with torticollis at 2 months of age. We were referred to a P.T. at our local clinic, whose name is Heather Bougie. She helped us to treat the torticollis with direct stretching of Alex's neck muscles, while treating him weekly with CST herself.

We are happy to report that he is responding quite well to the treatment! Not only is his head straighter, but also he is a much happier, calmer baby than he was just 5 short weeks ago. Heather is a gifted and considerate woman, who performs what I call "magic" on Alex each week. She is the closest thing to a "healer" I've ever met and I am so happy to have been able to go through this with someone as caring as she is.

What I thought was a terrible diagnosis for an already colicky baby, turned out to be a blessing for all of us. We learned that the colic symptoms were all related to the torticollis and now, since CST treatment, Alex's symptoms have almost completely gone away.

Heather and I have discussed my interest in this therapy and I am seriously considering pursuing this as a career. I witnessed firsthand the transformation of our son from a frightened, uncomfortable baby to a happy, gurgling, smiling one in 5 short weeks. Thank goodness for CST and especially for Heather Bougie!

All the Best,

Laura Toebes

Laura Toebes

Just wanted to say thank you

Dear Dr. Upledger: Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful gift of CranioSacral work. I was blessed with two great teachers Candice Starck and Suzanne Scurlock-Durana. The work I have learned has opened up so much for me personally and professionally and I love the results for my clients and the satisfaction I feel in being able to help them. Thank you so much and I look forward for my next class and all that it will bring into my life. Namaste Mary D. Wheeler RN,LMT
Mary D. Wheeler RN,LMT

SomatoEmotional Release I

I am writing to give you some personal feedback about my post SomatoEmotional Release I (SER) experiences of last week.

Some background: I am second career chiropractor in practice for three years. (The first 20 years of my life I was a corporate Human Resources-Personnel- Director). I spent 12 years in Bioenergetics analysis doing extensive talk therapy and body work. I have recently taken the one week Avatar program. I have been involved with The Life Training, one of the original human potential self-development programs for 16 years. Incidentally, one of the primary processes in the Life Training uses a very similar dialogue approach to what is taught in SER. My first and only exposure to CranioSacral Therapy came with my participation at the seminars.

At CranioSacral Therapy (CST) I & II last year, I received some remarkable benefits, including the permanent realignment of my deviated septum in CST II, for which I had two unsuccessful surgeries.

I am writing tonight because the amazing shifts I have experienced physically, emotionally and as a practitioner are astounding to me!

On my first day back in the office, with my first patient and during all the rest of last week, I experienced a clarity and connection with them that I had not ever felt before, even with conscious focus. My hands and whole body seemed so much more finely tuned than ever before. The results of my work seemed to be so much deeper with much less effort. I had more confidence, I felt more love for my patients, and I had so much more energy. I really felt like I was flying and it lasted ALL week. I have no reason to believe that this will "wear off" as long as I continue to receive more CranioSacral Therapy.

Prior to SER, I had not made time to connect with some of the students I met at CST II so that we could work on each other. You can bet I will definitely begin and be regular about giving and receiving therapy now!

Since first taking CST I, I have used CranioSacral Therapy on almost every patient I see. My practice is transforming and so am I! I feel confident that I have enough tools to address every problem that is presented and make some improvement, if not complete problem resolution.

I have also gotten an even more holistic understanding of the body, specifically the craniosacral system and its impact on the whole body. CranioSacral Therapy has been the perfect adjunct to my non-traditional, low force, gentle and primarily energy work-oriented practice approach.

Dr. Upledger: Thank you for your vision, your clarity, your willingness to continue to open further and further inward and outward. Thank you for creating a program with such quality and integrity and presenting it with such consistently high quality. I have taken many chiropractic seminars and continuing education programs. None has equaled the quality and return on time and investment that I have experienced at all three Upledger seminars. I will keep coming back for more!

Melinda: Thank you for the skill and effort you expended to present an outstanding seminar. Your modeling of the dialogue in the demos was flawless, respectful, and gentle and set the tone for us to understand the sacredness of the process we have the privilege of facilitating. Your whole demeanor and presentation make it clear that you are a consummate professional.

SER I was some of the most profound work I have ever experienced personally or have facilitated as a practitioner. Thank you for teaching these life changing techniques so that we can help to transform, as we are being ourselves transformed!

With love, honor, respect and gratitude,

Dr. Fran Assaf

Dr. Fran Assaf