What people are saying about IAHE

A Year of Integration

"It has been over a year since taking the SVMB workshop offered by Bruce, and I still use (and will continue to use) the clinical skills and insight I gained there. In particular, I learned how to contact the pericardium and other very relevant deep places, with honor for the client’s abilities to accept contact. Bruce's sense of respect for my personal learning process was invaluable to me and facilitated me absorbing this advanced skill! In the end, it was his deep respect for students personal process that I remain most impressed with."

December, 2014

Kerry E McKenna, Certified Rolfer

Bridging Structural and Functional

"Bruce's "Fascial Integration" classes offer a contemporary approach to holistic manual therapy. He really bridges structural and functional points of view through a comprehensive review of Fascia Research. Bruce's hands-on method goes beyond mechanistic understandings and incorporates dynamic and interactive contact. His classes offer great skills for Acupuncturists that want to bridge the energetic paradigm of meridian therapy with a modern understanding of fascial networks and neuroscience."

December, 2014

Lucien Demaris, L.Ac., Feldenkrais Practitioner

Scar Tissue and Adhesions

"Bruce's Fascial Integration class has made a significant difference in my clinical work, primarily in how I address the transitions between the abdomen, thorax, neck and head. Fascial Integration has given me a new way of seeing and contacting the "Core" space, and has provided me with some very practical tools to address abdominal and thoracic scar tissue and adhesions that are often left behind from surgery and/or physical trauma."

May, 2014

Rusty Crum, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Recoil Technique My Favorite!

"I recently took Bruce Schonfeld's Fascial Integration class for the Low-Back, Pelvis & Abdomen and was extremely impressed with the visceral portion. The material he presented has positively informed my structural work as a Rolfer. Bruce’s take on recoil technique was my favorite part of the class and has proven to be clinically relevant. The class size was comfortable and conducive for maximum learning. Bruce himself is both a master practitioner and a great instructor, he's able to share his knowledge effectively and yet still in a light hearted way. I highly recommend Bruce's Low-Back class!"

February, 2014

Marty Morales, Certified Rolfer

New Dimension of Integration

Low-Back, Pelvis & Abdomen class

I have been practicing Rolfing for over 20 years. When you go to a workshop, you think you already know everything. I was greatly mistaken after taking Bruce's class. Bruce showed our group a new way to assess the body and a new dimension of structurally integrating the body through the viscera. Bruce's knowledge of anatomy and the way he presented the work made understanding the concepts easy. I would highly recommend Bruce's workshop to anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge of Structural Integration. It will help take your practice to a new level.

February, 2014
Michael Stabile, Certified Rolfer

Sacroiliac Dysfunction Breakthrough

In Fascial Integration Bruce brought together the concepts of "container" and "contents" in a very usable approach. We learned the hand skills of engaging both systems simultaneously and then working with their interface. I was able to integrate this approach immediately after the class, and was able to make a breakthrough with a sacroiliac dysfunction patient my first day back in the clinic. Treating a local area while keeping a global focus on how it affects and integrates into the whole body. This are great techniques for PT's to utilize in their practice!

Peter G. Coppola, PT, Barral Institute Visceral Manipulation Faculty Member

Technique and Classroom Integration

Bruce teaches from a place of generosity, compassion, and a genuine desire to share the valuable skills he's developed as a practitioner, a teacher, and a deeply caring human being.

From his coursework I gained something unique that serves me every day… the ability to use my technical clinical skills through a more holistic, integrated way of looking at the body. What he shares with his students is insightful and personally meaningful.

He embraces teaching practitioners of varied disciplines, helping to bridge the gap between different approaches, and bringing together bodyworkers who share a common goal. You will feel seen and appreciated by him for your particular skill set, whatever your training background. He creates a rich environment for all for learning and for inspiration. It is a great gift.
Valerie Loo, MPT Physical Therapist Owner, Stable Core Pilates + Physical Therapy

Fascial Course Pulled Physiotherapy and Visceral Manipulation Together

The very idea of Bruce's Fascial Integration course: Structural-Visceral Approaches for the Lumbar Spine really floated my boat as a Physiotherapist. After working with typically Physio musculoskeletal techniques and then adding Visceral Manipulation skills over the past few years, this course really helped to pull it all together. I haven't found anything else like it.

Bruce covered theory and practical aspects thoroughly and presented material in such a way that practitioners from varying backgrounds and experience levels would benefit.

Postural analysis, physical assessment and techniques were demonstrated and practiced so that participants could practice a complete systematic session, rather than just isolated skills.

Bruce also ensured that everyone's bodies were settled and comfortable after having the many techniques practiced on them over the 3 days. Something I've not experienced with other training before, and greatly appreciated.

Bruce's extensive experience, wisdom and respect in dealing with the body is apparent in this class that he has developed in a series of three. I can't wait to do the next one!
Liz Joyce, Physiotherapist B.App.Sc (Physiotherapist); Australia

Useful Tools

I recently took Bruce's Fascial Integration class for Pelvis, Abdomen, and Low Back. It was a delight to be in a safe learning environment with a competent teacher. Bruce has a solid command of his material, the pacing of the class was excellent, and I got to take away a bigger view of my work, and useful tools to help my clients. I recommend this class to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. There will be something for everyone.
Jan Sultan, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Advanced Faculty at The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

Pelvic Floor Information

As a chiropractor, knowing how to support the pelvic floor is extremely vital. The evaluation and techniques I learned at the structural integration/visceral manipulation of the pelvis was inspiring.
It was a privilege to work in such a seasoned class. I learned countless pearls! My favorite one is paying special attention to the TOES!!!
Thank you, Bruce you are truly an instructor of intelligence and innovative material.
Amy Conklin DC

Low-Back, Pelvis & Abdomen Workshop

Having attended Bruce Schonfeld's Structural-Visceral Approaches to the Low-Back, Pelvis & Abdomen, I can highly recommend his workshops to advanced practitioners for the following reasons:
- Bruce's enthusiastic sharing of current scientific findings on fascia is infectious and up to the minute.
- His cross training in Visceral Manipulation and Rolfing brings a balanced approach to mobility and motility in the therapeutic equation.
- Bruce creates a safe and supportive learning environment that emphasizes self responsibility.
- All proceeds generously donated to a most worthy cause: fellow Rolfer Michael Mathieu.

Sally Klemm, M.Ed., Certified Advanced Rolfer, Advanced Faculty at Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

Rolfing and Athletes

Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strains and overuse. The Olympic athletes wouldn't have as many injuries if they had appropriate soft tissue therapy. Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, competition and injury.

Karlis Ullis, M.D.