What people are saying about IAHE

The Big Picture

I have been meaning to write to you guys for a few weeks now, but oppurtunity is such a fleeting caprice! I have wanted to take a moment and let you both know how grateful I am to be a part of such an amazing group of hyper-talented people, and I really don't feel that words can justify the depth of thankfulness that I feel when I stand back and look at the big picture of what you have created! From the moment that Sophie slipped me that note inviting me to come out to play last year, to this very instant, I have tried to get my head around how much heart it must require to take on the creation and administration of such a broad reaching purpose, and I'll tell you - I may have a big head, but it is not nearly big enough to wrap around the love and devotion that you both pour into the container called Integrative Intentions until it oozes out all over the place and it sticks to people, and they track it all over the place like some sort of magnificent mud working it's way into the very fibers of the white carpet we call the world! (let me remind you, mud is earth and white is a color of grief - so don't let that compliment fool you into thinking that I think you inspire people to forgo clean shoes!) and while our feet are tracking stuff all over let's also pay tribute to the healing handprints left all over the walls, refrigerator and each other! Before I get too fluffy and flouncy, let me just finish with a simple Thanks, I appreciate you both, and your II Baby!

From New Mexico

Singing Praises of CTP Programs

I was just last week singing the praises of your comprehensive therapy programs, especiallly how it meets the need for the recipient to share about their experience with people who can relate, and to widen their scope of what they think is possible for their own sessions.

I'm glad I got to experience it as I did.

From California

Changes Noticed

I wanted to let you know how Josh did after the Comprehensive Therapy Program. He did so well. I noticed that he was much more alert, happier, vocal noise was louder, head control improved, & could sit with little assistance for longer periods of time. When he returned to school the teachers & therapist ask what we did. They also noticed a change. Thanks you so much for allowing us to attend. We both had wonderful experiences while we were there.

From Missouri

From Wisconsin

...the presences of both buffalos and horses were significant to me. I cannot say exactly what happened. I am aware of energy shifting for me personally and I have a guess as to how I will be working in the future...

From Wisconsin

Gains In Multi-hands Cranial Sessions

Our son, Stephen, was born half paralyzed from the waist down with severe Arthrogryposis. After six healthy siblings, we were pretty shocked with his condition.

We were told by some of the finest Pediatric Surgeons in Chicago that his paralysis was permanent and to accept it.

Seeing that God, the Creator, gave him all four of his limbs, we knew that the intention was for him to use them. Thus, our journey began.

Since that time, Stephen introduced to CranioSacral Therapy at two months of age, and like a flower, we have seen him just blossom! Little by little, we watched in awe as his little body gradually came back to life through the modality of Cranial work.

Cranial work has been an effective modality in assisting the body to heal itself. God made us miraculously and Stephen has been such a witness to this.

We have attended the Integrative Intentions Comprehensive Therapy Program four times and each time, with the multi-hands intensive work, Stephen has progressed in leaps and bounds.

At age 4 ½, he had no sense of erection and would hold his urine up to 15 hours. He was on the verge of catheterization. We attended an Integrative Intentions Comprehensive Therapy Program in February and three days later, erection began occurring and Stephen had the sensation to urinate. He is now fully potty-trained. What a miracle!

Today he has progressed from a little boy who could barely move his legs in KAFO’s and a walker to a spunky 4 ½ year old who literally runs in long line steel bracing and fore-arm crutches.

Stephen also had speech delays which may have lasted for years but now are no more. He doesn't even need speech therapy any more.

He has amazed all of his physical and occupational and speech therapists and doctors with his abilities.

If there is anyone out there who has lost their hope that their bodies can get strong again, or have a special needs child who feels discouraged, I would strongly urge you to try this modality of therapy. The body can do amazing things when the restrictions are removed.

It is my observation, during the years of watching Stephen's development, that he has made the most gains in multi-hands cranial sessions. I see absolute accelerated healing and changes in his body after participating in the Comprehensive Therapy Programs and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to experience the possibility of faster gains.

From Illinois

Tears of Joy

...tears of joy continue to stream at a still suprising rate....as I consider the blessings of this past week. I am still in the flabbergasted state knowing how much of your 'just being' has done to bless others. Without waxing too far, know that your work continues to reach out like the wind, gently carressing, holding, and protecting ALL who participated. We carry that with each of us, into the real world, and now have the ability, responsibility, and secure place from which to add each ones unique talent and being to the process. What mighty seeds you have planted, what awesome tenders of the Great Mysterys' garden. What a network to be part of.

From Michigan

The Shelter Is Always There for Us


Sorry it's taken me so long to get this email together. I've sent out many emails to friends and family giving updates, but I've been taking my time with this one because my experience with all of you was so special and I want to express some very important things, and email is such a difficult vehicle for that. Please know that the memory of my experience with all of you is as bright as it was when I was there with you, it was really with me during the surgery and I know it will always be in my heart.

First of all, my nasal cancer surgery went as well as I had hoped. I should say, as well as I/we visually intended. When you go in for surgery, they make you sign a consent form which lists all the things they are allowed to do. Two of the things I had to sign off on was a total rhinectomy (taking off the nose) and a partial maxillectomy (removal of the hard palate and front teeth). They would not know until they got in there and were able to tell if they could see and access the whole tumor or not. As Anthony, John Heatherstone, and Knox (and others) helped me to visualize, the tumor was well-defined and accessible; they got the whole tumor and the margins around the tumor came back from pathology as being free of cancer. So the impact to my nose was relatively minimal... i.e., I have my own nose and they can probably fix that up a bit. And here I am and the breath comes in and the breath goes out, and I feel so much gratitude that it's hard to express. Thanks.

(An interesting aside... I was looking at the tinctures that Sarah's husband put together and I saw something I'd never seen anywhere before... one that said "Red Clover --- surrounds tumors and clarifies the edges" !!! Wh-a-a-at??? That's when I knew I was in the right place). Thanks Sarah... and thank your husband for me.

I am thankful to John Hoernemann and Silke. They wanted to know what I considered to be the most important thing for me leading up to the surgery. I answered that to focus on my center is to do as much as I can to facilitate the best possible outcome. With John helping to clarify what the fear was and encouraging me to stay centered, and Silke's heart work, I found myself in a very protected area to just go there. I felt like I was the pilot of me, and I had to land me on the Hudson, and ... with the incredible help of you all... I did it.

I had a wonderful experience of understanding what my fears were, what I wanted to happen, and how to address it all directly.

And it wasn't just the therapists who were so helpful. A big part of that experience was the communication with all of you; sometimes long conversations, sometimes a "hello", and sometimes just with the eyes that bore my spirit up and gave me the strength to give my body over to the experience with a true feeling of surrender. I had identified the problem. I had chosen what I wanted as the best possible outcome. I had taken the internal actions necessary to facilitate that best possible outcome. I was ready to touch down. I was ready.

Traumatic events seem to force us to go inside to find our shelter. The True Beauty is that the shelter is always there for us. Thank you all so much for your part in helping me to remember to go there at such a critical time.

Love and Peace,

Richard Lorenz

CTP Experiences

This program has moved me light years ahead in my incest recovery work. Having done it twice, I was just as impressed, perhaps more so the second time around and I would not have thought that was possible. Anyone looking for more insight into how their childhood experiences influence their adult way of being in the world, or for information on what is holding back their recovery should join you for a CTP. I can't recommend it highly enough. I should have video taped my psychotherapist's facial expression both times, after she read my notes from my CTP experiences. She was stunned at how much progress I made in my healing.

Amazing group of therapists, awesome food, healing environment outdoors. I can't complain about anything – it's all top notch (and I'm VERY fussy since I teach conferences myself and I know good organization and how much work it takes)

As a therapist myself, I'm really, really picky and I can't think of anything they did during all those hours that wasn't completely devoted to my well being and healing. They really put themselves out there, physically and energetically and it shows. You should be very proud of the team you have assembled. The communication between therapists was superb, I never felt like I had to "catch them up". I know we're doing the work, and it's not really the therapists "doing it", but seriously, I couldn't do this work as well or as comfortably without really, really skilled therapists. You have the best.