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Stretching Visceral Ligaments

Thanks for your teaching of VM1 in Singapore. Before your teaching, I thought Barral's way was too direct, using a lot of force and may be harmful to the viscera. Now I know Barral's force is just enough to counteract gravity. Barral's way of stretching visceral ligaments is quite effective. So I am now very interested in Barral's way. I am even planning to speed up my learning of VM.

C.Y., Taipei , Taiwan


Visceral Manipulation and Athletic Trainers

"[This workshop was] very profound. I would compare this to my first manual therapy class which blew me away. Visceral Manipulation fills a void in my practice that I didn't know was there."
April 3, 2005
JC, Oregon

Visceral Dissection Workshop and LDT

The Visceral Dissection workshop (VMD) gave me a clearer understanding of the variability of the organ location and the fluid content. Bruno (Chikly) describes in Lymph Drainage Therapy 3 and Advanced how the organs can feel, but there is nothing like actually having them in your own hands. Really feeling and sensing organs was extremely beneficial for me. I no longer have to imagine how an organ would feel.
Beverly Cook LMP, LLCC, LTC