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Zero Balancing Workshops

I have already found myself learning and applying the principles of Zero Balancing to my patients. I am very excited to learn about these new ZB fulcrums that reaffirm my ideas and theories and which have helped me develop my own unique practice.
-Mosen Defrawry, Physician

Zero Balancing has taught me to work with less effort with my patients and in my life. It fit so naturally that I was able to use it within my practice immediately.
-Jerry Clark, Massage Therapist

Zero Balancing came into my life early on in acupuncture school, when I was first struggling to perceive and to understand the workings of energy in the human body. Seven years later perceiving and understanding energy are just as challenging---in a different way---but they have been made immeasurably deeper, richer and more enjoyable by the tools, ideas and insights I've gained from Zero Balancing and by the beautiful relationships I've built with other ZBers.
-Mark Montgomery, Acupuncturist
Seminar Participants